Luminous Series

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    • Bait Type:Artificial Bait
    • Type:Bait

    Key Features

    Luminous Series/ Luminous bait
    can easy to attract fish in the dark saltwater for longline fishing gears and terminal tackle.

    Luminous Series
    Item No YS-LUM
    1 U Type Luminous Course
    2 Luminous Heart/Luminous Aimata
    3 Luminous Bead (Oval and Round)
    4 Light Sleeve Lock

    Luminous Bead:

    1. U Type Luminous Course/ Luminous Thimbles 
    Shpae: U Type
    Packing:1000Pcs/Pack, suit to use 2.25 mm/505lb monofilament line
    2. Luminous Heart/ Luminous Aimata
    Shpae: Heart
    Size: L, Packing:1000Pcs/Pack, suit to use 3.0mm mono,spring,vinyl tube
    Size: S, Packing:1000Pcs/Pack, suit to use 2.5mm mono,spring,vinyl tube 
    3. Luminous Bead
    Shape: Octangle (Oval)
    Size: Inner Hole 2.8mm*Length 18mm, Packing:1000Pcs/Pack, suit to use 2.75 mm/770lb monofilament line

    4. Luminous Bead
    Shape: Round
    Size: Inner Hole 2.75mm*Length 10mm, Packing:1000Pcs/Pack, suit to use 2.6 mm/680lb monofilament line
    Light Sleeve Lock
    Luminous sleeve can protect mono filament at critical join. 
    Available Length:9 cm and 12cm, Packing:200Pcs/Pack
    Size: #80~#100, suit to use 1.5-1.7mm monofilament line.
    Size: #110~#120, suit to use 1.7-1.8mm monofilament line.
    Size: #130~#150, suit to use 1.9-2.1mm monofilament line.
    Size: #220, suit to use 2.5mm monofilament line.

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