Long Line of Aluminum Sleeve

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    • Type:Heat Shrinkable

    Key Features

    Long Line of Aluminum Sleeve (Crimp)
    Item No YS-AL
    1 Aluminum Single Sleeve
    2 Mini Aluminum Single Sleeve
    3 Aluminum Double Sleeve
    4 Protect Pipe


    Aluminum Single Sleeve (Oval Type Crimp)
    Our Aluminum Sleeves/Crimps are made from aluminum alloy and resists corrosion in saltwater.
    Using for longline fishing gears and terminal tackle.
    Use with Mono Filament or wire leader.
    Bag of 500 each

    Mini Aluminum Single Sleeve (Oval Type Mini and Round Type Mini)
    Bag of 1000 each

    Aluminum Double Sleeve (8 Type Aluminum Crimp)
    Bag of 500 each

      Protect Pipe
    Bag of 500 each
     We recommend using crimps with one size larger than your line.
     More sizes available upon your request.